Let’s be honest, there is a certain amount that we all like to “hear ourselves speak.”  I am no exception, in fact, I have been told that I talk more than anyone in my family.  I think (as my grandfather would say) that I come by it honestly, as we have a lot of “talkers” in our family.  The truth is, I work from home while watching my two little girls, and I don’t talk nearly as much as people may think…  Especially since generally, I can barely get a word in when it comes to my customers or my kids.  That’s okay, it’s all part of “the job” and I do enjoy my days mostly.  Blogging though gives me the opportunity to get my thoughts out there, into the world, whether anyone is listening or not.  I actually have a couple blogs, one more about personal stuff and this one, that I try to keep more about my sewing.  The thing is, lately, I have mostly just been making notes to myself; things to get done, stuff I want to do around the house, projects that need to be worked on, but I haven’t been very productive…  I have all these ideas in my head and no focus or motivation!  UGH!!!
That’s kind of where I get the “sort of missed blogging”.  You see, if I take time out to blog, it’s time I have to find, and take away from my other daily happenings.  So, while I love hearing myself speak (so to speak) and I certainly enjoy sharing my thoughts with all of you (or no one maybe?) I will do my best to at least get a little bit of blogging done each week.

So, I belong to a few groups on Facebook that have to do with sewing and embroidery…  A while back someone in one of the groups mentioned that a shop-at-home network would have a sale on a certain embroidery machine that I have been drooling over.  I tuned in to watch, knowing I couldn’t actually upgrade to a new machine quite yet, but GOOD GRIEF it gets the creative bug moving in my brain!  I had plans to do so much for this year with sewing and my machines!  I haven’t even scratched the surface for what I wanted to get done.  I went into my sewing room for a few minutes and each time I just go in to look around I become overwhelmed with all the projects to get done, and at the same time, I learn something new about what I can and should be doing!

What have I been doing?  Well, there are some super cute embroidered felt dolls I have been making, you can see a few of my dolls over at my Instagram page here.  I have made over a dozen dolls and outfits, most have been gifts and for my own Littles, but I am hoping to get dolls listed on my site for sale soon!
I also worked on an adorable 1st Birthday outfit for my squishy little niece!

I got the tutorial from Just Add A Bow be sure to check out her DIY videos!  I actually didn’t follow the tutorial exactly, but it was filled with great information to get me going!

So, other things I am planning to work on?  My sewing machines!  Every time I go to look for something I find a feature I didn’t know the machine did before!  With a little help, I am going to do some video posts of using my machine and what the different presser feet do.  I also am going to attempt some reviews of products I have purchased, everything from my machines, patterns, accessories, whatever!  And of course I am working on projects, or for now I am at least getting a schedule down with my family so that I can get projects done!
This last week I have been making the Oopsy Daisy Overalls Jumper and Okey Dokey Overalls from Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop!  Let me tell you, I am completely addicted to these patterns!  Not only does the designer give lots of tips and trick on her Facebook page, she also has a blog and does sew-alongs!  While working on the overalls I used my Kenmore machine with my 1/4″ foot, buttonhole attachment and a presser foot that keeps the fabric steady while I run a zig-zag stitch!

Is there something sewing related that you would be interested in seeing?  My general sewing machine is a Kenmore (from 1976) and my embroidery machine is a Singer Futura SES1000.  Eventually I am hoping to upgrade to a Singer Quintet and to get myself a serger, but for now I’ll work with what I’ve got.
Feel free to leave a comment of anything you might be interested in, tutorials, sewing, whatever, and I will see what I can do to GET IT DONE!
Thanks for visiting!  Be crafty!

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