I have taken a little break from blogging, you know, in case you haven’t noticed.  And some of you, like the one or two of you that read my blog, may have been wondering, “What happened to Heidi?”  Well, I’ve been around.  I’d love to say that I’ve been “busy” but that hasn’t completely been the case.  Mostly, I ended up taking a break from blogging because I simply did not have enough time in my day for everything going on.  Not that it was all that much, but between working, homeschooling Samie, Evie’s lack of wanting to sleep, and my “new” obsession with in-the-hoop embroidery, I just didn’t have enough time (or thoughts left in the day) to get down in print.
Thanks for hanging out while I got my stuff together!
So, I am in the process of re-vamping my Etsy shop.  Eventually I will get back on track making baby items, cause I do really love those!  For now though, my shop is filling up with super-fun, in-the-hoop embroidery items.  Don’t know what ITH (in-the-hoop) embroidery is?  Well, in short, it is projects that are mostly or entirely made in my embroidery machine hoop!  Go have a look at my Etsy shop, go on, I’ll wait…
Tee-hee, yup, masks, tic-tac-toe boards, felt puzzles, even non-paper dolls!  They are almost as much fun to make as they are to play with!

So what prompted me to come out of the shadows and share all of the happenings with you?  Well, I just finished a project for contest I entered, and while I may not have won, it’s really just another example of how machine embroidery has really got me stitching out of my comfort zone!  If you have an embroidery machine or are thinking of getting one, be sure to check out Whimsy Willow Designs!  Super cute embroidery designs and they stitch out beautifully!  The owner, Sara, also has a Facebook group, be sure to check it out if you are on Facebook, for freebies, updates and special sale info!  WWD has an amazing monthly membership, for one low price, you get ALL of the designs released that month!
It was the fan group and the monthly membership that started me getting crafty in a whole new way!  The challenge was, take the WWD ITH Feather design, stitch it out, and make something super creative with it!  Let me tell you, those judges may have had a more difficult challenge than the contestants!  Be sure to check out the fan group for the creative ways other ladies used this design!

Once I saw the feathers, I had a few ideas.  I really liked the idea of doing a headdress, a feather necklace, or some dream catchers for my girl’s room.  Someone else posted the most beautiful headdress I could have ever imagined!  I knew I just didn’t have the idea well enough in place to do a necklace, and after searching how to make a dream catcher, I knew that was the direction I wanted to go in.  Evie is obsessed with blue and anything Frozen themed, Samie loves pink and her favorite movie is Sleeping Beauty, so I took those two “themes” and I ran with them!  For Evie’s feathers I did shades of blue thread and Samie got shades of pink.  I embroidered the feathers on white cotton calico with a white-on-white, tonal vine print.  I used this video tutorial for directions, as I have never actually made a dream catcher before.  I learned from the video that I would “need” something to represent the “spider” for my dream catchers, so I went back through the WWD website and found a few designs I wanted to add to my projects, a snowflake, for the Frozen theme and a rose, for the Sleeping Beauty theme.  I had a bunch of yarn that I knew I could use, glow-in-the-dark thread that I wanted to use for the spider web, all I needed was a ring.  BAM, found some left-over glow sticks with the adapters, and I was ready to roll!

Sorry ya’ll, no tutorials, just used the video, the materials listed and a hot glue gun!

Okay, gotta run.  I can’t promise any routine in my posts, but I’ll do my best to keep you more in the loop, or should I say “in-the-hoop”!

Have a super-craftastic day!


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