Starting the New Year

I don’t think I could have planned for 2020 even if I had wanted to.  I started the year burnt out from the 2019 holiday season, which for me starts in September.  There was a general idea of plans, but motivation was seriously lacking.  By the end of January I started hearing about this virus that was shutting down parts of China.

It’s easy having a false sense of security, believing that things on the other side of the world won’t actually affect us, but even in February, The Virus was gnawing viciously on many industries.  Something similar to a good science fiction novel, The Virus spread, as well as the spread of fear and misinformation and all the fun things that can bring an economic system to its knees!  Schools were closed, businesses boarded up, communities were asked (in a forceful government way) to stay home.  As a seamstress, it was finally encouraged to help our communities and begin making cloth face masks, which after a lot of research I did.  It’s amazing the number of men and women that came forward to donate time, materials and their expertise to tackle this challenge!

The Every Day Things

We are looking at a new normal and for many, this will be a challenge.  For our family, it’s an old joke that I prepare my girls to survive a zombie apocalypse.  We are a homeschooling family and  I have been running my own handmade business for quite a few years now.  With the exception of my husband working outside of the home, we were prepared on many levels for the shelter-in-place that our county instituted in mid March of 2020.  My business was allowed to stay open like many online businesses, however with so many people out of work, it’s been difficult to promote my business.

After I started making masks in early April, requests began for me to start selling them.  There were a lot of mixed emotions and many people in the online sewing communities had harsh words for anyone not donating 100%.  I struggled internally about my decision, but more and more seamstresses, small business owners and supporters of small business reassured those of us selling that we were justified in our actions, after all, we still needed to pay our bills and feed our families, right?

Cool Things are Coming

I have always felt blessed with having such a supportive community around me.  Whether it was my decision to homeschool, to leave my job of 13 years and start my own business, or to just be the crazy person I am and write down all of those crazy thoughts to share with all of you, I have that support in spades!  My friends and family, people that I have met through online communities, they are constantly picking me up like Dorothy picks up Scarecrow as they dance along the yellow brick road.  This support is what led me to be right where I am today, that in spite of The Virus, I know that there are cool things coming!

I think I’m an emotionally creative person.  I don’t necessarily have to be in good spirits to be creative, I just feel compelled to create.  My face masks are an example of that.  I created the masks after gathering information from reputable resources and I put my own fun twist with fun fabrics, who doesn’t want baseballs on their face?  More than anything, it inspired me to be creative in other ways, like finally launching my own website, a goal that has been on my “to do” list for years.  It has also inspired me to push forward with new product ideas, because eventually our new normal will change, maybe we will go back to our old normal, maybe we will create something different and more positive than before?

Cool things are coming. Baseball face masks

No matter how you stitch it, we are creating a new path for ourselves every day and I want mine to be colorful, fun and full of possibilities!  It’s going to be a lot of work, but anything worth having is worth working hard for.

Cool things are coming.




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