Hi there!  Heidi here!  Do you ever struggle with finding balance?  I totally do!  It seems I can never get “enough” done during the day/week/month to satisfy my inner…  demons?  Perhaps nagging voices?  Maybe that’s part of why I don’t get enough done, I’m always searching…  Because it is such a struggle finding balance in challenging times.

Every day is Challenging

As I type, it’s late and night and I’m just doing what I do, staying up way past my bedtime, making notes of all the things I need to get done.  Brainstorming, brain-dumping, getting ideas onto paper.  Clearing out my head in order to get a good night’s rest and jump into action in the morning.  Truthfully, I am thinking about all of the things I didn’t get done and figuring out how to squeeze even more into my over packed week.  Ultimate I know I will be spending far too many hours refreshing my Facebook feed.

Bad Mom Planner Band
Challenges call for planners! Planners need fun bands!

Seeing the blog title, you may have imagined this was going to be all about the trials of our current shelter in place, I actually find Monday more of a challenge.  Every Monday.  Regardless how far ahead I have planned, or how many lists or notes, I am never prepared for Monday.  On the rare occasion I’m ready for a Monday, Wednesday is suddenly a challenge!


I’m one of those people that can start a task, say, cleaning the kitchen counter, and it will take me the better part of the day just to stay focused.  You know how it goes, junk mail in the trash, dishes go in the dishwasher, oh!  Here’s that spool of thread I couldn’t find yesterday!  Taking the trip to my sewing room, I find two or three things that catch my attention and suddenly I’m sitting at my computer two hours later after getting into a heated conversation about goldfish crackers!  

Finding Balance

This week I am going back to basics and trying to find balance.  I’ve dusted off the Happy Planner, I read my FlyLady email, I made a list of things that I want to get done within the month.


What is your favorite go-to for staying on track?

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