Our elf on the shelf showed up today without any gifts but instead a challenge!  Do 3 good deed today, I think this will be an easy one for my kids.

I see why there are so many naughty elves out there!  This nice elf has her work cut out for her.  It must be easy for an elf to come around and make a mess.  Our Holly, she’s more interested in making memories and good cheer!  So while I am busy today filling holiday orders, the kids are helping their dad with chores around the house and getting the Christmas lights up.  Maybe this week I will get some time to make Holly a few extra outfits to keep inspiring her to do good deeds!

What good cheer does your elf bring?  Be sure to let us know on your favorite social media outlet!

Looking for some elfish ideas?  Check out the link below!

Need to catch up on the elf craze, here’s what we got:

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