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Finding Balance in Challenging Times

Hi there!  Heidi here!  Do you ever struggle with finding balance?  I totally do!  It seems I can never get “enough” done during the day/week/month to satisfy my inner…  demons?  Perhaps nagging voices?  Maybe that’s part of why I don’t get enough done, I’m always searching…  Because it is such a struggle finding balance in …


A Super Old Post About My First Experience Making Bias Binding!

I’ve been meaning to write up this post for a while now!  Ah life, how it comes and goes… One weekend event, forever ago, I saw these adorable little girls wearing cute little red, white and blue petti-skirts and I thought “What a crappy mom I am, I don’t make cuter clothes for my kids!” …


Halloween is Coming! Do You Make or Buy Your Kids Costume?

I have a love-hate relationship with Halloween costumes.  First of all, I love making costumes!  I love being able to “play” with colors and fabrics and create something fun and playful.  Halloween however seems to always creep up on me just a little faster every time I decide to sew my kid’s costume(s).  There is …