Just a quick note because I am up way past my bedtime right now but wanted to jot something down before I lose it to the abyss in my mind…

I am going to re-work this blog.  I am going to be better at sticking to my posting schedule.  If you keep checking back, I will keep giving you glimpses into my world.

I am Heidi.  Plain and simple?  No, not quite…

I started this blog to promote my sewing, my Etsy store.  What I found in blogging is that I have been missing my creative outlet.  My writing.

Sometimes I will post about being a mommy of two little girls.  Sometimes I will bore you with too much information about myself or my husband.  Once a week I will be happy to share pictures of what is going on in my crazy sewing room or my even crazier life.  I will try to share some recipes or interesting bits and if I get really adventurous I might even post some how-to’s!  Granted, I have to learn “how to” first!!!

When asked by a nurse what languages I speak in addition to English I asked if “sarcasm or smart-ass” count?  That was about an hour before my C-section.

I am loud and obnoxious at all the wrong times, I can’t be embarrassed and at home I am the quiet one.

Eventually I will give you more info on me but for right now, I gotta run!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you again soon!